GERINO (GNC) Crypto Trading Protocol

The first ever trading protocol featuring Zero Loss on Algorithmic trading.

Available Supply

Welcome to GERINO (GNC)


Zero Loss Betting

Zero Loss Trading

Users will receive their initial investment back even on a lost Trades

NFT Booster

Profit Booster

Unique alogorithemic trade system that offers users fair and balanced features to boost thier trading profit
Burning System

Burning System

The first rebase token with an integrated burning mechanism
Smart Treasury

Smart Treasury

Our smart treasury grows gradually with each trade.

We introduce Our Future Platform


Gerino ecosystem is an all-encompassing hub for the NFT gaming, serving game studios, players, traders, and investors in one place.

Social Media Platform

Gerino is a social media platform based on the blockchain. It’s incredibly adaptable and democratic. Web 3.0 a social network that compensates content creators and puts consumers back in control of their data, combats fake news.


Gernio is creating a platform for NFT communities to connect, share stories, and collaboratively build their history. For example, users will be able to share what got them to buy a certain NFT, the collectible’s origin tale or collaborate on derived artwork. Gerino wants NFT creators and owners to have the independence to form their art collection as their identity.

The company is preparing to start with 13 popular collections initially, including CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Cool Cats, Avastars, Loot, and Punk Comics, before expanding to include all the collections for everyone.

DEFI & E-commerce

A GNC token controls Defito Ecosystem. Defi GNC is a decentralized finance (Defi) platform with the goal of providing a solution for Defi to access e-commerce such as :

Shopping Mining

Shopping Staking

Automated Shopping Making

GNC is the native token in the Defi GNC platform. Users can earn it by contributing liquidity to Defito's liquidity pool and use the token for Platform Governance and Online Shopping.

GERINO Metaverse & Web 3.0

1. Determine the future of the virtual world The first fully decentralized world, Gerino is controlled via the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Gerino. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the world works.

2. The virtual destination for digital assets The Gerino is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain. The Gerino is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, trade, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. You can also invest your crypto currency and earn more GNC An Expansive Metaverse to Play, Build, Own, and Monetize your virtual experience. Own Land, Build and Play games, Earn on your creations. Be part of a Community. Get Your First NFT Free.

3. What about Gerino? GNC has already been fully decentralized, in the sense that the private key that controlled its smart contract has been thrown away. GNC is a decentralized virtual currency based on the BEP20 Token one of binance Technological trends. The goal of this blockchain asset is to supplement the development of Gerino Ecosystem. In this virtual revolution, coin holders will have the benefit of instantly and effortlessly cashing out their coins.

4. An open-source protocol built for everyone Gerino is an open-source project founded by the Web3 Foundation. Web3 Foundation has commissioned five teams and over 100 developers to build Gerino.

Md & Team


At GERINO we aim to develop an easy to use, secure and efficient solution for both investors and traders. GERINO will deliver the most user-friendly, yet advanced peer-2-peer digital asset platform . Below, we provide concept specifications of the platform as well as a brief explanation of the core features.

Introducing GERINO

One-Stop Solution

At GERINO, we aim to produce a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency traders and investors . Since the infrastructure of GERINO is being built by investment industry professionals - importance of timely market data has not been overlooked

Apart from a one of a kind peer-2-peer digital asset platform, we aim to introduce the largest resource for education, news, trade ideas and market analysis about the cryptocurrency market. We call it – Crypto Intelligence.

Liquidity Aggregation

By aggregating liquidity from the leading exchanges – GERINO creates a huge opportunity for market making, hedging and offering an aggregated order book from combined quotes of multiple exchanges.

There is currently no centralized exchange and cryptocurrency market development is still in its infancy– there are huge inefficiencies which provide ample opportunities for arbitrage and HFT . Such liquidity provides great opportunities to establish new products such as Vanilla options or Binary options as well as other derivatives in the future.

Profit Sharing

In case a trading Model resulted in profits for the investor-follower, income distribution will look like this:

Success Fee

Model Traders are rewarded with 15% success fees from all profits generated by their followers, the platform commission is 10%, while investors receive the remaining 75% of income, which is available for immediate withdrawal or reinvesting.

Platform Commission

Platform commissions of 10% will later be used for systematic buyback and burn programs.


ICO Launchpad

Zero Loss Betting

Phase 1

Supply: 120M GNC
Price: $0.04
Deposit Bonus: 10%
Referral Bonus: 10%
Status: Running

NFT Booster

Phase 2

Supply: 80M GNC
Price: $0.06
Deposit Bonus: 10%
Referral Bonus: 10%
Status: Pending
Burning System

Phase 3

Supply: 60M GNC
Price: $0.08
Deposit Bonus: 10%
Referral Bonus: 10%
Status: Pending
Smart Treasury

Phase 4

Supply: 40M GNC
Price: $0.10
Deposit Bonus: 10%
Referral Bonus: 10%
Status: Pending

Exchange Coming Soon

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With the GERINO Trading Terminal each trader can

Widest selection

Trade the widest selection of cryptocurrencies

Access quotes

Access quotes from top exchanges through a single account (combined market depth)


Benefit from quick and responsive execution, tight spreads and a deep order book

Crypto information

Access to all necessary information about crypto

Advanced charting

Access to the most advanced charting software

Data Analysis

Access to market sentiment, data and analysis – similar to COT on futures

Earn fees

Earn success fees apart from trading profits by allowing investors to copy trades, through the p2p asset platform

Build trading career

Build a full-scale trading career within one single platform

Generate financial reports

Generate detailed financial reports which will be aligned with regulations

Incoming Stream for
GERINO Treasury Balance

Unboxing Activities

Rewarding Token Holders

We aim to allocate at least 50% of all platform earnings to systematic Buyback and Burnprograms.

Betting Fees


Entry commission 2% charged every time an investor deposits funds to their account. 10% platform commission on all profits realized by copy trading.

Segregated Accounts

To provide security and peace of mind to all investors – we offer secure personal accounts for each user within the GERINO Platform. None of the funds go directly to Model Trader , which avoids trust and security issues

Multi Signature Treasury

Timelocked Treasury


Q4 2021 Concept
  • Concept, Design & Research
Q4 2021 Analysis
  • Analysis oftraditional copy trading platforms.
Q4 2021 Foreign Reasearch
  • Foreign research Growth projections.
Q4 2021 Team
  • Team formation.
Q1 2022 Development & Design
  • Landing page and white paper disclosed
  • Pre-ICO begins for a limited number of contributors
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
  • Prototype version of the platform released.
Q4 2021 Promotional Meetup
  • Held a meet-up with 60+ private crypto currency traders and investors.
  • Clearly visible demand for a p2p asset platform with mirror-trading functionality
Q2 2022 Public ICO
  • Public ICO begin.
Q3 2022 Development
  • Further front-end and backend development
    API testing.
    Test mirror-trades executed.
    Latency test.
    Liquidity aggregator setup.
    Latency test.
    Liquidity aggregator setup.
    Lisitng on big echanges like Binance, FTX , Kucoin , , Huobi Global, p2p b2b listing of GNCToken.
    – Beta version launch.
Q4 2022 Updates & Development
  • Platform improvements.
    Mobile App development.
    Final (Production) Beta version of GERINO Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.
    DLT license.
Q1 2023 Release & Future work
  • Official platform release
    Gerino Platform will grow with more then 500,000 active users
    $500M USD + Combined
    Start Algorithmic trading and arbitrage.
    Bots will be available on the platform.
    User acquisition globally

How To Purchase


Airdrop Steps For Gerinocoin

(1)Join our Telegram Group and Channel.
(2)Follow Instagram And Twitter.
(3)You need to have a minimum of Five 5 Active referrals to get paid.
(4)You earn 50 Gerinocoin tokens for each five 5 Active referrals you bring.
(5)There's no Max Referrals.

Presale Details

Full ICO : 50%
Reserve : 15%
PRE-SALE : 10%
Future Platform Development : 10%
Bonus : 10%
Advisor : 5%

Total : 600000000 GNC

IFO Launchpad : 59%
Initial Liquidity : 15%
Private Sale : 12% ( 60 Days Vesting Period )
Team : 9% ( 180 Days Vesting Period )
Community : 3%

Initial Mint : 600,000,000.00 GNC

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